Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Allegations: What You Don’t Know

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  1. Rapp may be flawed, but at least he owns it. He’s also really f*cking generous and decent human being who does everything he can to improve life for others. Speaking from personal experience, Rapp is a kind and decent person, unlike Spacey. Rappp’s also not the type to lie about something just to get attention. Rapp deserves better than this. You should have asked him for his side of the story.

  2. Thanks for writing this, we need this kind of articles because we have to break the laziness of the majority of the journalists, bloggers or influencers simply following the echo chamber on socials, begging for a like instead of digging for facts. Thanks again.

  3. Dear Anna,
    thank you very much for the first thoughtful summary and analysis of the events. It’s a shame that you are the first and only person to do so. Of course, I admire the Kevin as a great artist and I do miss him badly. Will he return to old Glory, I can only hope. Currently, the woke / social justice warriors are stronger are still strong, guilty without trial,
    judge, jury and executioner.

  4. This is the best and fairest article about Kevin Spacey I have read. Thank you for bringing out all the points that shows rapp was lying. Kevin Spacey did not deserve this kind of treatment. When rapp said those words I think Kevin Spacey was so afraid of “coming out” he panicked and did not fight the charges at that time. Now all the bad allegations he is fighting and winning. Adult flirting is what it is called.

  5. Kevin has always been a brother to me and was a second son to my father. I’ve stuck with him throughout and he never let out so much as a whimper. He took this injustice like the man he is. It is very rewarding to see a fair accounting. And even more rewarding to see him back where he belongs- on stage & screen.

    1. Mr. Lemmon, One thing I’ve said from the beginning is, if Kevin was the horrible person he’s accused of, Jack Lemmon would never have brought Kevin into his family or his acting career. What happened to him is beyond comprehension.
      This article must get out there into the world for people to read the other side of Kevin and especially Rapp. Far far from an innocent young man and adult.

  6. Never liked Spacey. He’s an overrated, pretentious entitled and (very likely) a sexual predator.

  7. Hi, thanks again for the article. I just want to point out few things about C.D. This guy said he was in an acting class and Spacey was his teacher, but he said too there weren’t records about the students because it wasn’t a traditional school, just a group of activities in a Parish. As much as Kevin confirmed he worked as a teacher there we can’t never be 100% sure if C.D. Was one of his students. Second, C.D. said, always on Vulture’s article, he met Spacey once again in Central Park, he was with his parents as Spacey was walking his dog, well his parents coil confirm it, but as C.D. wants, stubbornly, stay anonymous they don’t. Again C.D. said he spoke about his precious sexual life with Liz Swadoz, musician and director, the woman said to him adults shouldn’t have sex with minor, of course, and what was happening to him was an abuse, btw she didn’t take any action. Could it be true? We will never know, because she passed away years before the article was published. Always in the same article C.D. said he called Spacey two times in a row as the actor was rehearsing for a play and I think it’s a bit odd. I think this whole C.D. story is beyond parody. All the rest is very well written in your article, especially the Rapp’s part. Thanks again.

  8. Would we even care if Rapp had been a 14 year old girl? Tough ride that Spacey’s gay. If he were straight he’d still have a career.


I am a fan of Kevin’s films and remain so. Nothing I’ve heard has changed my opinion of him. I am sorry that he had to endure everything you’ve so carefully detailed here. The author is brave, especially considering today’s mob mentality-so brave to look for and speak the actual truth, which she did with a great deal of integrity and class.

  10. This is a fine piece. Although the author doesn’t address the London allegations for his time with the Old Vic, they don’t help considering Rapp’s well-times accusations. But I didn’t then and don’t now believe things happened as Rapp claims. It doesn’t make any sense. At least, not when I think of how I’ve always seen theare people behave with young actors were present. I can’t believe the adults at this alleged party all left a 14 year old alone with someone everyone wants us to believe was known to be a sexual predator even then. And I’ve been in this business for nearly 60 years, it doesn’t make sense.

  11. As a retired investigative reporter, I congratulate the reporter here on doing a difficult, unpopular job exceedingly well.

    Miss Chevalier identifies and tracks down the record, painstakingly details the timeline, interviews everyone she can connect with, and notes those who remained unavailable throughout the investigation. THAT is journalism. BuzzFeed’s gossip column is decidedly not in the same league as this authoritative analysis.

    She further guides us through a story comprised of many more claims, allegations, and rumors than verifiable facts; she asks her readers to consider the information before making their own decision. This is the rare, responsible reporting so desperately needed in today’s media maelstrom of “alternate facts” and “personal truths.”

  12. Wow. You gave me a lot in that article to think about, especially about Anthony Rapp. I didn’t know about his play, the same as the accusation. Pretty convenient. Beating his boyfriend, that’s a pretty weak man if you ask me. Never strike your partner, that’s a coward. That’s some lack of self-control he talks about in his book. Bad judgement doesn’t just stop overnight. When else has he lost control I wonder. Sad shame Kevin Spacey had to get caught up in this. Tough being at the top I imagine, with everyone gunning for you. Great article. Lots of hard work went in here, that’s plain to see. Good to read something that’s actually balanced, showing both sides.

  13. So Rapp calls up his old buddy Adam Vary and tells him Spacey did what Ed Harris did to him every night in the show and BuzzFeed reports that as actual news? And NOBODY thinks that deserves a second look? GTFO That’s one hell of a coincidence. That’s not news that’s Enquirer level stuff. No wonder a REAL news source didn’t carry it.

  14. I didn’t know THAT about Anthony Rapp. Who writes a book about “mutual masturbation” at 14?? Sicko.

  15. An engrossing and riveting read, and a sadly overdue one. I applaud the careful, detailed research and your thorough, fact-based approach to this story. Mr. Spacey’s condemnation by the mass media is a disgrace that triggered much of the public to follow their lead based on broad-spectrum, unsubstantiated accusations and anonymous allegations. The writer here has done a great job and hit the nail squarely on the head, especially when addressing gay perceptions and how they have added fuel to the fire. One can’t help shuddering as thoughts run to Miller’s Crucible. Mr. Rapp’s unwillingness to engage Mr. Spacey in conversation before making public claims feels more of attention-seeking than do-gooding.

    I enjoy actors while on screen and forget them shortly after; I expect most television and movie audiences act similarly. But after reading this article I am unable to permit Mr. Spacey to once again fade into the background until the next role. To the contrary, I find myself ruminating often on what has transpired in the months and years since Mr. Rapp’s initial interview. The writer here has rounded out the two dimensional actor we know as “Kevin Spacey” into a flesh and blood person deserving of our considered attention. Mr. Spacey is indeed fortunate to have an articulate, savvy writer lay voice to his current station in such a skilled, evocative manner.

  16. What an exceptional article! The author is right, what happened to him should terrify us all. I keep having visions of the Red Guard 2.0. The most disappointing aspect of this entire piece however, considering the abundance of rich and powerful friends I assume Spacey has, is that this fell to a relative unknown journalist to tackle, not that she does anything less than an exceptional job here. Kevin Spacey is a very lucky man indeed to have a brave, analytical, thorough investigative journalist looking into his situation.

  17. This is a wonderful article. I always thought he was ridden out of town on a rail. I hope this article is read by all the right people and Kevin Spacey can return to film.

  18. Is the author brave enough to tackle the wild allegations of racism and how being labeled will derail one’s life? The turning over of every pebble by pop/mainstream media in search of racism and white hats has far exceeded anything the #metoo movement could only fantasise about…and it’s also something no one wants to talk about…

  19. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Why are we still treating this man like this? This should be required reading by everyone on the f**king planet. Brilliant article by a brilliant writer about a brilliant actor. F**cking brilliant.

  20. Thank you for this article and bringing to light to Rapp’s behavior that no one else has bothered to do. I have never wavered on my belief and support of Kevin Spacey. Innocent until proven guilty is forgotten when such allegations are made and proof is never asked for. Not one allegation has been proven to be true.
    George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Samuel L. Jackson, Judi Dench, Annette Bening, Kate Winslet, and Jack Lemmon to name a few co-stars would never had acted with or wanted him in their films if this garbage was true. Young actors like Ansel Elgort, Nicholas Hoult, and Taron Egerton have said Kevin was never inappropriate with them. But the cowardice of Kevin’s costars, the late night show hosts that had Kevin on numerous times, and the House of Cards actors that worked with him for 5 years, to never come to his defense is disgusting. Thankfully, European citizens and acting community is open-minded, and didn’t outcast Kevin based on unsubstantiated accusations. I keep hoping that someone like Clooney or Tom Hanks will have the guts to bring Kevin back to the States in a film with them.
    By the way, July 26th is Kevin’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Kevin! Your fans will always be by your side.

  21. After everything else is said and done, Kevin I could care less about your sexual preference then or now or if you made some flirty frivolous acts towards males or females- often it’s ALWAYS alcohol mixed!! What matters is who you are as an actor…where you started and what you gained and learned along the way.

    We never completely understand ourselves till way later, until we experience life in all aspects we travel to. You’re an Amazing,so gifted actor who has given US, your fans, a deeper understanding of acting. We 🚩ALL have made mistakes in our NOT so perfect life !!! Here’s hoping for a return but if NOT, Cheers, to a Hell of a RUN!!!! Ps. You had me at “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil…Truly Amazing acting”……

  22. Sorry, but I just don’t feel any differently about him after reading this. Enough people say the same thing about him. And honestly his conduct feels wildly inappropriate and very predatory, not to mention unprofessional. Has this type of thing ever happened before to other celebrities? Absolutely. But the undertone of “he’s not a rapist’ isn’t enough. He is an abuser. He abused his affluence and his position and now he is about to pay a very substantive price for those poor choices. If this had come out at a different time, Kevin might have been able to avoid such a severe punishment. If he hadn’t framed his homosexuality such that it could appear to be a defence for acting inappropriately toward a minor he might have earned more support from our community. Top “bankable” celebs have been given a pass for decades but that’s history now. New times. New generation. New rules. I think it’s a good thing. I also think it’s incredibly sad. Kevin Spacey is arguably one of the greatest actor of our times and seeing him piss it all away because of needless insecurity is tragic. He could have been more and he chose to be less.

  23. If Rapp had acused some small list actor, nothing would have happened and I would guess that Rapp would have seen strength in his ability to march forward and deal with this personal trauma. I really don’t like Spacey on or off screen but this mess might have been avoided if Rapp had parents instead of parents managing his prospects. The time line is incredibly vague and full of inuendo and people who no one can verify. No that may not be a popular view but that is what I take away. And yes, I am a triple sexual assault survivor (men and women) and no my parents didn’t allow me to attend adult parties with film people. Yes, I was an out actor in the theatre for 35 years (Rapp’s instance that he isn’t so gay because he loves women… that stayement alone would make me question his integrity and soncetity). Will I go see Spacey in the film. Probably not. Do I wish him well. Absolutely. As for Rapp… live your life.

  24. Thanks for finally setting the record straight. I remember when everything unfolded and how you lay it all out coincides with my thoughts at the time. I feel for Anthony’s pain but his accusations against Kevin seem hysterical and very convenient.

  25. I read the article. I’ve known Anthony since he was 11 and am highly aware of the fine line of a child star interacting with adults. While the article mentions Anthony’s admitted violent outburst, it doesn’t give contemplation that many people who have been sexually victimized have anger issues. I feel that Anthony has tried to live his life in an open an honest way. More than Spacey has. Damage to victims lasts a lifetime, the predator usually has a life of power, empowered by getting away with things. It’s time in all industries with people of every sexual preference to stop the power play of harassers. But thank you for your article it was very well done

  26. I really enjoyed this article. I have always believed this situation was much more complex than places like CNN made it out to be. I hope both men find the peace they deserve.

  27. Great article. Anthony’s behaviour is classic post-trauma, however, in my (albeit remote opinion) it’s also obvious the trauma happened BEFORE he was in that play in New York. Childhood sexual abuse survivors are often hyper sexualized at a young age, and he demonstrates that here in his need to be in adult situations alone. I have no difficulty believing the 14 year old Anthony sought Spacey’s attention which was rebuked. These children hold grudges, it’s necessary for their personal validation in their distorted reality. I hope he is in treatment for his traumas and I hope he can find the strength to face the truth that appears to be struggling to break through. Good luck to him.

  28. This was a powerful read. I am truly sorry Kevin Spacey has had to go through this. Here (in Georgia) this type of thing doesn’t happen. We don’t say a man is guilty just because someone makes accusation.

  29. This article has the ring of truth to it. Memories are easy manipulate or implant, especially in young children, as anyone who has studied even basic psychology would know. Mother’s often attempt to implant sexual molestation stories about others as a way of control, or manipulation. Look at Woody Allen. I think it’s very curious that this only came out after Rapp’s mother died and conveniently be be questioned.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Thank you Ana, for having the courage to do the work of investigating and writing all of this. Thank you The IO Magazine, for having the stones to print it. You’ve shown the other side to this horrible story. I’ve always loved Kevin and this article lifts so much weight from heart. 

  31. When Rapp would tell the story years earlier, at dinner parties, over cocktails, it was under the guise of outing the “cowards” who were closeted. It wasn’t “ I’m a sex abuse victim that needs millions of dollars for my ptsd”

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